Terms of Service

MMSteelClub SMM2021 Series of online conferences:

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Each purchase grants you access only to the SMM2021 event and playbacks for which you signed up for. 
  2. Access to additional SMM2021 features, such as Online Member Chat, or business introductions will be active during the event that you registered for only. 
  3. Booking confirmations will be sent to you immediately. If you have not received an email confirmation within 24 hours of completing the online booking, please contact the team at [email protected]
  4.  Discounts are only applicable with an official promo code and/or coupons.
  5.  Due to company policy, at the circumstance that you are unable to attend an event and/or at any other situations, you cannot transfer your place to another individual.
  6. MMSteelClub accepts no liability if any online event is cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond reasonable control – resulting from an act of governmental regulation, fire, war, terrorist activity or civil commotion.
  7. Your personal information is secured under the data protection legislation and is used specifically for administration, communication and research.
  8. Should there be any changes to the content, timing, speakers, date or venue of the event; MMSteelClub will ensure this is thoroughly communicated to all event ticket holders and associated parties.
  9. MMSteelClub is not liable if a delegate is unable to attend an event due to any kinds of disruption.
  10. MMSteelClub reserves the right to photograph, film or record the events for post event and marketing purposes. If you would specifically like to stay out of these materials please let us know prior to the event at [email protected]
  11. Following each event, delegates may be asked to provide some feedback through an online survey form. We would request for this to be completed to allow us to continue to improve and produce events that are more in line with what you require.
  12. Attendees, delegates and or speakers may receive emails from other delegates, speakers, request information emails, receive voice or video calls for any interaction purposes.
  13. The information acquired from any of the mentioned online interaction tools found on this website (before the event, during the event or after that, regardless), is not intended to be used as financial advice and/or any business or trading purposes and if you choose to do so, it is exclusively at your own risk.
  14. Any opinions or views described during the discussions, in private or public may not represent those of MMSteelClub Ltd and/or its associates. Under no circumstance shall we have any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of our online tools or reliance on any information interacted and/or provided
  15. We make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information interacted or provided and your use of our platform, and its data, and your reliance on any information provided is solely at your own risk.
  16. MMSteelClub reserves its right to avoid any subscription or cancel or terminate any of the existing subscriptions to protect the company police without any advance notice

SMM2021 Online Platform Sign-up/Membership Terms and Conditions:

Except where expressly agreed by us in writing, every member of the SMM2021 (smm2021.mmsteelclub.com) online platform shall be subject to these terms and conditions.

  1. Attendee online check-in will open on the dates and times posted on the website.
  2. Registered attendees will receive important information and updates regarding their registration, special events, and other conference activities via email. Updates will also be posted on the MMSteelClub’s website and social media accounts.
  3. All registrations will be reviewed by event staff. MMSteelClub reserves the right to remove any registrations that are found to be fraudulent, abusive or not in line with our company policies.
  4. Unless members are notified by email or via the website of any changes to the subscription fees, the fee and terms remains same.
  5. Terms and conditions of this website may be revised from time to time and members should be aware of the terms and conditions posted on the website. Without notifying the member, the club may make any changes to the services which are necessary to comply with any safety or other statutory requirements and/or decided by the managements of club and/or this website.
  6. All the club services explained, detailed online or promoted by any of our direct sales and marketing team members may be revised from time to time and the club doesn’t take any responsibility for the lack of services which can be suspended as a whole.
  7. MMSteelClub and/or its associate MMSteelClub Ltd. and any of the partners and/or owner reserve their rights to cancel membership of any members who not behave in accordance with the club culture and its terms and policy with an immediate effective term at any time and with any condition.
  8. Club and its owners and associates have no obligation of any kind and anytime for any social media content posted on our website by any members or non-members of the club.
  9.  Social media does not allow us to control what someone may post under a given social media account on our website. While we maintain and try to keep a control system in place for all social media, news published online and other contents of the website, we have no control over the contents. Therefore, we take no responsibility for any related posts and members are always at their own risk.

Cancellations & Refunds

  1. If you need to cancel, you must notify us via email no later than 30 days prior to the event commencing, as posted on https://smm2021.mmsteelclub.com 
  2. If you cancel by the aforementioned notification date, your registration fees will be refunded, less a $150 processing fee.
  3. Refunds will be applied to the credit card used for payment of the original fee.

Substitutions & Transfers

You may transfer your registration to another eligible party if you are unable to attend an SMM 2021 event you purchased a ticket to. Attendees transferring registrations to another party are responsible for any and all financial arrangements between transferring and receiving parties. Registration transfers and substitutions may be requested via email until one month prior to the event commencing as posted on https://smm2021.mmstelclub.com . After this date, any change requests will be evaluated on an individual basis. There will be a $75 processing fee charged per registration transfer.

Agreement to these Terms

When signing up for the SMM2021 online events, the member (subscriber) confirms that it has read and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Upon membership being accepted, this should be retained for future reference.