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Peter Kovacs

Head of Unit - DG TRADE -
European Commission

Peter is the Head of the Industry, Goods, Energy, Customs and Origin unit in DG TRADE of the European Commission.

His unit is responsible for the negotiation, implementation and enforcement of the relevant provisions of trade agreements between the EU and its trading partners: Trade in goods, Energy and raw materials, Rules of origin, and Customs and Trade facilitation. His team is the DG TRADE contact point for industry stakeholders on trade policy issues. They provide trade policy support for EU initiatives in different areas. Peter is the EU representative to the OECD Steel Committee and the Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacity (GFSEC).

He has extensive experience in trade matters including in customs and trade facilitation, intellectual property and public procurement, as well as in security policy and in international relations.  Before joining DG TRADE, he spent his career in DG TAXUD of the European Commission, at NATO International Staff and at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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