SMM2021 Speaker Profile

Michelle Manook

Chief Executive Officer -
World Coal Association

Michelle Manook is Chief Executive of the World Coal Association. She has held the role since July 2019, based in
London. Previously, she was Head of Strategy, Government and Communications for Europe, Asia and Africa for the
multinational company, Orica, based in Perth, Australia.

Michelle has a diverse range of experience under her belt, with over 25 years in senior roles in the energy and mining
industry. She has also held non-exec director positions in the voluntary and healthcare sectors and early in her
career, worked in policy and public affairs for the Government of Western Australia.
She is passionate about coal’s role in powering sustainable economic development, and how this can transform the
lives and livelihoods of our global communities. She is looking to foster international collaboration and promote real
solutions to the world’s energy challenges.

Michelle was born in Dhaka in Bangladesh and has a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Western Australia.

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