SMM2021 Speaker Profile

Michael Lockwood

Partner -
The Metals Risk Team

Michael Lockwood is a Partner of The Metals Risk Team that includes David Waite, Robert Fig and Fred Demler.  Their guidance helps clients build and strengthen price risk management programs that improve business control and yield intended results.  Services include guidance for policies, governance and structure, process, goals and measures, reporting, education and networking.  Past and present clients include base metal producers, processors, end-users and traders around the world.

Michael gained extensive risk management and commercial experience over 30 years working with multi-metal producers, processors and traders in Canada, Chile and the UAE.  He holds a Master’s of Science and an MBA and has served on the board of the LME, two LME committees as well as boards of various metals industry associations.

Michael Lockwood will be speaking in the following sessions

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June 24, 2021 10:30 am

SMM Week 2021