SMM2021 Speaker Profile

John W Harris

Chief Executive Officer -
Aaristic Services Inc.

He works regularly with market analysis companies & scrap yard owners supplying knowledge & global market intelligence. This includes banker dinners with investment/fund manager participants & consulting projects with scrap yard owners.

On Sep 2017, he was, Appointed as an Adviser to BOD for Petram Technologies to assist commercializing Patented Technology for Plasma Blasting on earth. Originally developed by NASA by Auburn Univ to perform Moon & Mars Mining in an environmentally friendly, non- intrusive, noiseless, non-pollutant process.

Consults with scrap companies that are diversifying into pit mining & iron ore projects.

Contracted as an Expert Witness; Jan 2015, for prosecuting attorney in a scrap theft trial; in 2012, for UK law firm for a commercial international scrap cargo dispute.

Frequent speaker for ISRI, CARI, IIMA, SMU & others for iron & steel making raw materials, dynamics for global metallics markets & recycling industry.

He retired from ArcelorMittal in Jun 2011.

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