SMM2021 Speaker Profile

Dr. Nils Backeberg

Manager ‑ Steel Alloys -

Dr. Nils Backeberg is the Manager of the Steel Alloys division at Roskill. He brings academic rigour and industry experience to Roskill’s market research and is a regular speaker on steel and alloy market developments and outlooks, with a special focus on chromium. Before joining Roskill in 2017, he worked as an exploration geologist on rare earth deposits in South Africa, gold deposits in Canada and geothermal projects in Guatemala. Nils completed his PhD at McGill University in structural geology and after his PhD worked on rock mechanics of shale gas exploitation technologies at the University College London. Nils has published several peer-reviewed research articles and received his Chartered Scientist accreditation in 2019. His home is in South Africa where he heads up Roskill’s regional office and team.

Dr. Nils Backeberg will be speaking in the following sessions

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June 23, 2021 8:30 am

SMM Week 2021