Steel, Metals and Mining Week



Day 1 - Mon, Jun 21Steel / Raw Materials

7:00 AM -
 8:30 AM

Overview of Steel & Raw Materials Market

  • When will the steel industry completely recover from the catastrophic effects of COVID-19?
  • How will international trade be affected as the new administration takes over in the U.S.?
  • What challenges and opportunities awaits the global steel industry in Q2 2021?
  • What hedging strategies can be implemented by steelmakers to reduce the risks of volatile price trends?
  • Supply chain analysis for Q1 2021

10:00 AM -
 11:30 AM

UK & Europe

  • What are some of the key developments concerning steel consumption in Europe?
  • Which region in Europe has been most affected by COVID-19 in the first quarter?
  • Europe's automotive demand: How is this impacting flat steel producers?
  • Brexit trade deal: What are the impacts to the steel industry?
  • Scrap market overview
  • M&A market: European perspective for Q3 2021

11:30 AM -
 1:00 PM


  • What should you expect in 2021 as Biden's administration takes over ?
  • Will improved environmental literacy lead to a more sustainable mining future? 
  • Examining automotive demand and its impact on flat steel products
  • U.S. scrap market outlook for Q2 2021

1:30 PM -
 3:00 PM


  • Early this year, Mexico’s scrap prices were soaring due to renewed buying interest. What can we expect from scrap prices? Will an upward trend continue?
  • The automobile industry in Mexico was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. When can we expect a recovery?
  • USMCA: What are some of the key challenges and impacts?

3:00 PM -
 4:30 PM

South America

  • How have high raw material costs and sustained higher steel prices impacted Brazilian flat steel producers?
  • Is growing Chinese investment in Latin American countries an issue of concern?
  • What are some of the emerging mining projects in Chile?
  • Outlook for Brazil's iron ore exports for Q2 2021

Day 2 - Tue, Jun 22Steel / Raw Materials

7:00 AM -
 8:30 AM


  • How have the changes in mining legislation in the iron ore sector affected domestic and export supply?
  • Influence of automobile sales in 2021 on steel consumption
  • Will the Indian Steel industry join the hydrogen revolution?
  • Impact of disparity in raw material prices on steel prices
  • How can the industry tackle oversupply issues?

8:30 AM -
 10:00 AM

Middle East and North Africa

  • Insights on the Billet and flat steel markets in the GCC region
  • Examining the challenges to steel trade in the region
  • Iran's negotiations: How will Biden's reign affect the steel and raw materials industry?
  • Analyzing the impact of oil prices on the North African steel industry
  • How will Algeria's local taxation changes for billet, rebar and scrap affect the steel and raw materials industry?
  • Is Libya stable enough to conduct business ?

10:00 AM -
 11:30 AM


  • Trade flows: Relationship between China and CIS
  • What are some of the logistical problems and solutions surrounding iron ore?  
  • Russia: What are the impacts of increased duties on ferrous scrap exports?
  • How is digitalization and AI transforming Russia's steel industry?
  • How are domestic flat steel prices performing?
  • Market outlook for finished steel exports

11:30 AM -
 1:00 PM


  • Influence of safeguard duties imposed by EU on trade.
  • Will the UK-Turkey trade agreement remove the imbalances in steel trade between the two countries?
  • What are some of the initiatives taken to boost steel consumption?
  • Examining COVID-19 vaccine's impact on Turkish steel scrap market
  • Turkish Flat steel market outlook

1:30 PM -
 3:00 PM

Independent Market Review

  • Understanding global trade flows
  • Spot price assessments
  • Current promising investment opportunities

Day 3 - Wed, Jun 23Steel / Raw Materials

7:00 AM -
 8:30 AM

Iron Ore

  • Earlier this year, Iron ore prices climbed to more than $US165. What can we expect from iron ore prices in the upcoming months?
  • Impacts of ESG on the iron ore mining sector.
  • Insight into iron ore pellet premiums
  • Updates on emerging iron ore projects and developments
  • Insights on capacity expansions of leading iron ore suppliers

8:30 AM -
 10:00 AM


  • What are the impacts to ferroalloy prices due to the ongoing pandemic?
  • How is the consumption for ferroalloys changing with the market conditions for steel products?
  • What is the expected growth rate of the market in the upcoming months?
  • Pricing forecasts for ferro-chrome and silicon-manganese

10:00 AM -
 11:30 AM

Steel Making Technologies

  • Many companies are investing in low-carbon steel making projects. What are some of the technological advancements supporting this cause?
  • What breakthrough technologies will transform the global steel industry?
  • What technological upgrades can be introduced to ensure higher production and higher quality?
  • How can steelmakers embrace the power of AI and other digital technologies to maintain their competitive edge?

1:30 PM -
 2:30 PM


  • How will hydrogen based projects affect the cost of DRI?
  • Latest technologies for efficient production of direct reduced iron
  • Pent-up Covid-19 demand
  • Will Iranian DRI advance to international markets in 2021?
  • What are the industry trends?
  • Outlook for HBI supply chain for Q2 2021

2:30 PM -
 3:30 PM

Steel Tubes and Pipes

  • What are some of the key factors driving the OCTG market?
  • What are the challenges to the ERW tubes and pipes market?
  • Precision tubes market size and outlook in 2021
  • Analyzing the international tubes and pipes' supply chain for Q1 2021

3:30 PM -
 4:30 PM

Stainless Steel

  • What were the effects of the pandemic on the global stainless steel nickel alloy market?
  • How has the increase of 3D printing effected the global spherical stainless steel powder market?
  • Supply perspective: Stainless steel long products vs stainless steel flat products in North America
  • Will 316L stainless steel be exceptionally demanded in Europe during Q2?
  • Market segmentation: By type, application, end-user and region

Day 4 - Thurs, Jun 24Non-Ferrous and Base Metals

7:00 AM -
 8:30 AM

An overview of the Base Metals & Battery Materials Market

  • How are the prices of base metals going to be affected in 2021?
  • How has COVID-19 changed the process or quality of base metal extraction?
  • Which base metal outperformed in Q1 and what were the contributing factors?
  • How was the base metals market affected in 2020 and how does this impact 2021?
  • Copper claimed the spotlight early this year. Will we see an upward trend in Q2?

8:30 AM -
 9:30 AM


  • Has the value of Aluminum changed in Q1?
  • How has the demand for Aluminum been affected by Covid-19?
  • Analyzing Chinese bauxite demand for Q1. What can we anticipate for Q2?
  • Will we see an increase in the usage of Aluminum in the automobile and aerospace sector?

9:30 AM -
 10:30 AM


  • The Global Copper Alloy Market research report predicts the global copper alloy market to reach a new level of growth by 2026, can you speak on this? Is this true?
  • What are some of the expansion and development projects underway in Chile? What is the expected production growth?
  • An overview of copper markets in China and U.S.
  • Forecast of the global copper cathode market

10:30 AM -
 11:30 AM


  • Elon Musk’s offered to provide a big contract to nickel miners, do you think this trend will catch on amongst other companies?
  • Will there be a demand for energy metals in the upcoming year or so? How will this affect the nickel market?
  • Is it a good time to invest in nickel?
  • How are current price trends going to impact those in the nickel value chain?
  • Indonesia and Philippines: Analyzing the key nickel producing regions
  • How promising is Russia's nickel production?

11:30 AM -
 12:30 PM


  • What will be the main driving factor for zinc in 2021?
  • Will aluminum or zinc be consumed more in the steel industry?
  • What significant changes have we seen in leading markets like Peru and China due to the pandemic?
  • With zinc serum being a factor in reducing Covid-19 symptoms, has the demand for zinc gone up?

2:00 PM -
 3:00 PM


  • With Australian lithium mining taking a hit in 2020, what are current initiatives being taken concerning mining?
  • European Union (EU) plans to rely on indigenous electric vehicle (EV) batteries. How will this affect the Lithium Market?
  • What are the emerging opportunities for Argentina and Zimbabwe in the second quarter?
  • What were the major factors driving lithium prices during the pandemic?

3:00 PM -
 4:00 PM


  • Battery grade cobalt sulphate market supply/demand specifically in NA and Europe
  • Recycling policy/requirements and the potential to recycle black mass
  • The emerging cobalt challenge: Can we treat cobalt as a conflict mineral?
  • North America’s EV government adoption and support
  • Sustainable sourcing

Day 5 - Fri, Jun 25Mining and Precious Metals

7:30 AM -
 9:00 AM

Overview – Precious Metals and Mining

  • Is it better to invest in silver or gold?
  • How has the distribution of vaccines changed the precious metals landscape?
  • COVID-19's impact on mining
  • Sustainability and sourcing challenges in the supply chain
  • Impact of the U.S. dollar on precious metals

9:30 AM -
 11:00 AM


  • What are the best investment opportunities right now?
  • Do you have advice for anyone looking to buy precious metals stocks?
  • What is the worst metal you can invest in the year 2021?
  • Insights on investing in junior mining stocks
  • Junior miners vs major miners

11:00 AM -
 12:00 PM

Platinum and Palladium

  • How has industrial demand picked up in 2021?
  • How does a positive outlook for gold prices affect platinum?
  • Why is palladium more precious than platinum currently?
  • Is there a supply shortage of palladium due to Chinese and European emission standards?
  • EU responsible sourcing policy handling
  • An overview of demand and supply for Q1

12:30 PM -
 2:00 PM

Gold and Silver

  • The U.S. had seen an increase in gold coin sales during 2020, has this incline continued in 2021?
  • How have Indian gold prices been affected by the pandemic?
  • What are the current challenges for sustainable sourcing?
  • Will global silver demand rise from automotive and solar sectors for 2021?
  • What is the current gold-silver ratio telling us? 
  • A Silver Squeeze and the SLV
  • Will gold or bitcoin​ stand out in 2021?

2:00 PM -
 3:30 PM

Canadian Mining

  • Has the pandemic affected Canadian mining? If so, in what ways?
  • What are the biggest opportunities for the Canadian mining industry right now?
  • Is Canadian mining better prepared for a pandemic after this experience?
  • How does mining impact Canada's economy?
  • Which mining sector is the best to invest in?
  • What are the challenges facing the mining industry?

3:30 PM -
 5:00 PM

American Mining

  • Has there been any recent opportunities arising in the American mining industry?
  • What are the prime factors driving the industry currently?
  • What will American mining look like in the next 5 years?
  • What are some of the key challenges faced by the mining sector?

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