Steel, Metals and Mining Week



Day 1 - Mon, Sep 20Steel / Raw Materials

7:00 AM -
 8:20 AM

Morning Networking Session

8:30 AM -
 9:50 AM


  • Analysing the latest developments in the ASEAN Iron and Steel industry 
  • Will China’s move to reduce carbon emissions cause steel prices to rise?
  • How will overall inflation and steel price hikes affect downstream industries?  
  • Is Japan’s crude steel output forecasted to rise in the third quarter? 

10:00 AM -
 11:20 AM

UK & Europe

  • Examining the current state of EU’s Steel Market  
  • Impacts of the extension of protectionist tariffs on UK’s Steel industry 
  • Will the push for decarbonisation give UK a chance to neutralize steel uncompetitiveness?  
  • Analysis of Ferrous scrap in and out of EU

11:30 AM -
 1:00 PM

North America

  • Hydrogen as feedstock for steel pants: Challenges and advantages  
  • Analyzing the performance of steel prices for HRC, CRC and HDG in Q3  
  • Will prices for scrap continue to increase considering the scarcity of prime grades of scrap?  
  • Regulatory and trade policy affecting the steel industry

1:00 PM -
 1:30 PM


1:30 PM -
 3:00 PM

South America

  • What is driving Latin America’s steel consumption in Q3?
  • What are some of the investments being made to boost steel output in Latin America?   
  • How are freight costs affecting the flat steel market in South America?  
  • Will China’s change in the way of producing steel affect the Latin American steel market?  

Day 2 - Tue, Sep 21Steel / Raw Materials

7:00 AM -
 8:20 AM


  • What are the current logistical challenges facing the Indian steel industry?
  • Commissioning of new steel plants: Will India’s steel production continue to grow in Q3?
  • Odisha: Analysing the recent developments in the major steel hub of India  

8:30 AM -
 9:50 AM

Middle East and North Africa

  • Sustainable practices: green steel and solid waste management 
  • The rising tide of protectionism: Boon or bane? 
  • Analysing Billets prices and sales in different regions of North Africa  
  • Challenges to steel trade within the region  

11:10 AM -
 11:30 AM

Regional Market Insight on Ukraine

  • Chronicles of "Scrap wars"

11:30 AM -
 1:00 PM


  • Are domestic billet prices expected to be on the rise due to stronger demand?  
  • Examining Turkish scrap import prices  
  • Impacts of EU’s safeguards extension on Turkey’s steel industry 

1:00 PM -
 1:30 PM


1:30 PM -
 2:20 PM

Steel Tubes and Pipes

  • Outlook on the global OCTG market and they key factors contributing to its growth   
  • North American steel tube and pipe trends and market conditions for Q3  
  • What factors will drive ERW line pipes consumption in Q3? 

Day 3 - Wed, Sep 22Steel / Raw Materials

7:00 AM -
 8:20 AM

Iron Ore

  • Recent developments in China’s Iron Ore market 
  • Decarbonisation in the steel industry and its impact on iron ore shipping and the dry bulk market
  • Iron ore prices are currently on the rise. What can we expect from iron ore prices in the upcoming months?  
  • Development of iron ore derivatives and risk management 

8:30 AM -
 9:50 AM


  • Analysis of current market dynamics concerning the Ferrosilicon market  
  • Is the global manganese ore production forecasted to increase in 2021?  
  • Examining China’s ferrochrome tender prices  
  • Tight ferrochrome supply: What are the contributing factors?  

10:00 AM -
 11:00 AM

World Coal Market Review

  • Examining the thermal coal supply shortage in China
  • How can technology help coal in meeting a net zero emissions future?
  • How is the seaborne met coal market performing in Q3?

11:30 AM -
 1:00 PM

Steel Making Technologies

  • What are some of the key investments being made to bring about a digital transformation in the steel industry?  
  • How can digitalization solutions contribute to the overall efficiency and improvement of different plant types? 
  • Hydrogen based steelmaking: Availability, cost and challenges 
  • What are the challenges surrounding green steel production?  

1:00 PM -
 1:30 PM


1:30 PM -
 2:30 PM


  • Production issues surrounding DRI and the cost for DRI using H2, LNG or Coal in production 
  • Current DRI market prices compared to scrap, pig iron and HRC 
  • Global pellet demand and consumption outlook  
  • Analyzing DRI’s carbon footprint and comparing it to other steel processes. 

Day 4 - Thurs, Sep 23Mining and Precious Metals

8:30 AM -
 9:50 AM


  • Comparison between gold and cryptocurrencies.
  • Gold or Silver: Which metal with take the lead in terms of investments?
  • Physical metal or mining equities: Which one is better?
  • Junior miners versus major miners.

10:00 AM -
 11:20 AM

Platinum and Palladium

  • How has South Africa's thrid-wave lockdown impacted PGM production?
  • Auto chip shortage: a respite for tight palladium?
  • Platinum’s role in the hydrogen economy
  • Drivers for the substitution of platinum for palladium
  • Platinum as a portfolio diversifier
  • Above Ground Stocks for PGMs: Do they matter?

11:30 AM -
 1:00 PM

Gold and Silver

  • Will gold or bitcoin stand out in 2021?
  • Silver vs. Gold: Which metal will win the race in 2021?
  • What is the current gold-silver ratio telling us?
  • What are the current challenges for sustainable sourcing?

1:00 PM -
 1:30 PM


1:30 PM -
 2:50 PM

North American Mining

  • With a rise in the consumption of base metals and precious metals, has mining activity in countries like Canada and Mexico increased?
  • What are some of the recent developments in improving equipment efficiency? Are these developments expected to positively augment market growth?
  • Federal funding granted to Sudbury: How will this impact Canada’s mining sector?  
  • Examining mining investment strategies and market trends in North America